Technology is powering the future of video

As the Internet grows, it has become clear that this is the primary medium of distribution as well as information about movies and other video. More importantly, the phenomenon of social networks riding on top of the Internet is often how information about Video is disseminated. People all over the world are now acquiring information, reviews, opinions and the videos themselves from friends in their various social networks. At the same time Video is danger of losing the piracy battle like Audio did not so long ago. Video files exchanged between friends are not paid for and the content owner does not benefit from this rapid spread of Video. This is there the L3 Technology by Layer3Media comes into it's own.

The L3 platform copy-protects files, yet allows viral distribution through your own portal or through social networks. This maximizes how your video is distributed and monetized globally. Not only this, the L3 platform gives you so many features that it is impractical to recite them all in one place. Suffice it to say that almost everthing that a video content owner might need to rapidly disseminate her/his video has been thought of and included in this platform. Read on...

Siginificant Feature Groups

The platform can be broadly broken up into two parts

The L3 Producer - which copy-protects and packages video for distribution

The L3 Player (aka Wizo) - which allows users to play the copy-protected files and has many other features