Hulu AlternativeWhy choose L3 by Layer3Media

L3 is a comprehensive platformplus

The platform is capable of protecting, distributing and monetizing any kind of content. However, we have focused on video because both, our expertise, and the greatest paing lies in this domain. Therefore we can protect any kind of video, including interactive video! In addition, we also provide many features in both the Player and the Producer that make a comprehensive platform for all stakeholders including viewers, owners, advertisers and intermediaries.

It empowers content-owners as well as viewersplus

Unlike many other solutions that look at only one aspect of distribution, we have ensured that both video content owners and video consumers are brought closer together. We provide a legal service that is as good as, if not better than the best pirate sites or free sites. This allows video content owners to earn from their work, thus incentivising them to charge a fair price. Clearly viwers of video content would be happy to pay a fair price to watch quality content, thus making a dent in piracy.

It has been recognized and validatedplus

The L3 platform has won evey innovation competition it has been entered into. We went out of our way to have it validated on two continents. In addition, it is based on two patents already issued by the United States Patent Office. And what is most important to us, and perhaps to you, industry testimonials prove its worth to owners and distributors of video.