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Better Copy-Protection Technologyplus

How is L3’s copy-protection different or better than others?
A: First, L3 uses industrial grade encryption algorithms – those used by the most advanced defense establishments and international banks.   More importantly, L3 uses multiple schemes to encrypt content.  This means that each item of content is encrypted by a unique combination of algorithm, key format and randomly generated keys.  Thus, even if a “cracker” discovers the algorithm and/or key for a particular item (which is almost impossible), they cannot use that same algorithm to crack the next item they find – they will have to start from scratch.  Most other copy-protection systems have a standard scheme (i.e. algorithm) – once cracked, all content on that system is jeopardized.
In addition to the above, the same item (e.g. a video file) is encrypted several times using different algorithms and keys.  Multiple files thus created are distributed using the same name – only our player knows the difference – so “cracks” cannot easily be shared between people.
A user has to go through a payment step (which can include choosing to watch ads to pay for the content) in order to “unlock” the content.  This is done remotely, so the key or algorithm is never visible to the user.
All this is described in our four patents (one is pending) in the US.  There are additional features that make this copy-protection practically impossible to break, but these are in the form of trade secrets and cannot be disclosed without a non-disclosure agreement.

Viral/Social Distributionplus

Marketing is the biggest cost in the distribution of content. L3 Technology reduces this cost by short-circuiting the haphazard nature of marketing in the digital world today.  Today, most digital marketers are still going after online digital consumers the same way they sell soap – they focus on broadcast advertising instead of peer-to-peer networks.  The most educated among these marketers use some social media, but even that is about getting their message to the consumer, not about using the power of sharing.
Our platform uses the current behavior of consumers which is

  1. They share movies, short videos, even learning content, with each other
  2. They share their views (you could call them “reviews”), with each other.

So, we make it very easy to share files, you don’t even have to login, leave alone pay to get a copy of the content you want.  There are no walls around the content itself.  People copy from each other, or simply download a torrent file which works in the background to ensure the content is downloaded.  They can recommend the content from where they download it or right from the player, when they are watching it.  So, content that people “like” naturally explodes through their social circles through the power of sharing.
And we make it very easy to share.  Both, on the website as well as in the player itself, you can share on Facebook, Tweet, email to a friend and so on.  So you can even make your viewing a social experience!

Secure Transactions for users

Viewers of the content can pay securely through any of the payment methods and can be assured that their information remains safe. We never store any information that would allow anyone to create illegal or spurious payments. For example, we never store bank account or credit card numbers.  They can also pay anonymously since we do not link their bank accounts or credit card information to their user accounts or to their usage.  Also, when watched with ads, no personal information other than preferences and the general geography is stored.  Nor is this information supplied to anyone except in aggregate – no individuals information is ever shared.

Protected from Piracyplus

Our patented copy-protection system is based on the world's best algorithms - but our copy protection goes well beyond just encryption algorithms.