Free Movies onlineFeatures of L3 Producer

1. Copy Protect practically any Video Format
You can convert practically any video format (.MPEG, .MPEG4, WMV, FLV, SWF, AVI) into the L3 format - and we keep adding more. And the conversion, based on our proprietary and patented technology keeps the quality intact. We do not compress the format, so quality is not compromised - we only change it into our patented format and thereby protect it. At the same time we add intelligence to it, so you can supply Meta Information that will help monetize and distribute it.
2. Specify pricing by Geography
You can specify different prices for different countries and even for different postal codes. This gives you singular benefits in distribution by allowing you slice and dice your rights to an extremely granular level. Suppose you have sold (or plan to sell) the European rights for your video - simply price it for all other countries and block the European countries. You can do the same by states within a country - you simply have to price (or block) for the postal codes for that state.
3. Make your own rules
Make your own licensing rules - specify the number of plays and/or days that a viewer can view your content and supply a price for this license rule. For example, a 3-day rental is unlimited plays during 3 days. We also have standard templates (Single View, 3-Day Rental, Purchase and others) that you can use with a single-click.
4. Associate Web pages with your content
Supply a URL that is linked to your content and that web page will be opened when your content plays. You can even make it more granular by linking multiple web pages to multiple places in your content. This feature is especially useful for eLearning and How-To videos. However, you can also use it to enhance a story.
5. Deploy your content anywhere
L3 Producer allows you to upload your content after it is encrypted. You can upload to your own website or to any of our website. In fact, you can even share your files through Torrents and file sharing sites. Give viewers to share files legally!
6. Add keywords to your video
By allowing Meta Information to be written into the file, we allow you to (among other things) associate keywords which are associated with your content. This allows the player to match relevant advertising to your content, when the viewer has chosen to watch it with ads. It also allows user to find your content more easily. Even our player tried to match keywords in a user's profile with keywords from content so viewers are offered content relevant to their interests.
7. Expire your content at any time
You can set an explicit expiration date for your L3 Video file. The default is set for six months from when you convert to the L3 format. However, you can set it for as little as a day or as long as 100 years! The longer away your expiration date, the less you have to manage your file. Let it find its way across the globe and keep collecting a perpetual income from it. Even after you have set an explicit date, you can always expire your content at any time, by logging into your L3 Content Owner account and manually shutting it down.
8. Set your own Content Ratings (Sex/Violence)
You no longer have to worry about the censor board or unfair treatment of your art by those who don't understand it! You can decide a rating for the sex and violence levels of your content. Users can decide what level of sex and violence they are willing to see, and the player automatically blocks content that is above their preferred level. Not only that, you can rate each scene or section of your video and let the player skip those portions of your video that fall outside the user's preference.
9. Fast deployment
The entire process from starting up the L3 Producer to creating an L3 video ready to be distributed can take as little as 2 minutes (not counting conversion - see below) if you provide the minimum information required to deploy the video. If you want to use all the options and features to make your video full-featured, it may take you as much 15-20 minutes. Imagine in less time than it takes to upload your video to YouTube, you can be ready to distribute on L3 - a viral monetization platform!
10. Fast Conversion
On an Intel i5 processor, you can covert a 150MB video into an L3 video in less than 3 minutes!
11. Upload to multiple sites
You are not limited to a single site controlled by us. Once the file is published, click on the Upload tab and upload it to your own site, our site, or to any site including file-sharing sites.
12. One Format - Many Devices
You don't need to create multiple files to distribute on mobile, desktop and other platforms. A single file in L3 format can be viewed on any supported platform.
13. Video "Slicing" plus
A slightly advanced function, but one that brings many benefits simultaneously. You can divide your video into sections or "slices", marked by a timecode. Each slice can be a scene or a sub-scene. One key benefit of this is to allow the viewer to select the "free-with ads" option to view your video, thus expanding your viewership beyond those who may be hesitant to pay for various reasons. There are many other benefits and the rest of this page is devoted to describing some of those benefits.
14. Add keywords to each slice
Each slice can have keywords associated with it. Thus, ads can be matched to those keywords and the user is likely to view more relevant ads, thus making for a more complete experience.
15. Set Content Ratings (Sex/Violence) for each slice
Slicing allows you to add sex and violence ratings to each slice. This has the benefit of greatly expanding your audience as well as giving them control over viewing. In the past, a censor board would typically attach a rating tag to your video - sometimes due to a single scene or even a word, your video would be lost to a huge audience. However, this feature allows anyone to view the video and only those scenes (i.e. slices) are skipped which are above the threshold supplied by the user.
16. Create annotations and subtitles
Each slice can have associated text - this can be used for annotations (e.g. "Pay attention to his left hand!") or for subtitles.