Download Movies26 Benefits of using L3 Producer!

1. Video Content Owners make money
Our platform lets video content owners make money from the content they own, thus providing them with the ability to fund more and better projects, and to make a living from their craft.
2. Video Content Owners can distribute anywhere in the world
Now there is no more worrying about currency conversions or collection in remote geographies. We collect the payments and transfer then to you while taking care of currency conversion and fluctuations.
3. Strong copy-protection protects content from Piracy
Our patented copy-protection system is based on the world's best algorithms - but our copy protection goes well beyond just encryption algorithms. Our technology model has won many awards.
4. Retain Your Rights
You do not need to give us your rights. Most websites and distributors ask you to assign distribution rights to them. We don't. Feel free to distribute in any geography at any price you desire. Stop distribution when you want, change prices on the fly - you are in control!
5. Viral Distribution of Video
Video files, once copy-protected are just files - free to move across social networks, peer-to-peer sites, CDs/DVDs, pen-drives and any other method of file transmission you can think of. So they can be passed from friend to friend, between colleagues even strangers - in a flash of an electronic moment, they are available world-wide!
6. Geographic Pricing
You can price the content differently in different geographies. For example, they can cost $1.00 in the US and $0.50 in Russia, but $0.25 in Ghana and so on. Of course, the money will be collected in the viewer's local currency and paid in the video content owners’ local currency. In fact, pricing can be varied by Postal Code - so you can price it differently in different parts of the city.
7. Sex/Violence Ratings
Any content can be rated from 1 to 100 on Sex and Violence (more scales to be introduced), which gives you the content-owner as well as the viewer more flexibility to choose. Parts of the video (slices) can even be rated differently on these scales, allowing the user to skip some scenes yet get the benefit of watching your video.
8. Secure Transactions for users creates trust and more transactions
Viewers of the content can pay securely through any of the payment methods and can be assured that their information remains safe. We never store any information that would allow anyone to make illegal payments. For example, we never store bank account or credit card numbers. Secure transactions increase trust, thus making it more likely that viewers will pay for your content.
9. Associated Webpages
A URL can be associated with your video, so additional information can be provided while the video is playing. This is useful for eLearning videos when associated in-depth information cannot be in the video itself. However, it is also useful for fan-pages and cross-advertising in entertainment videos.
10. Keep your Content safe
Unlike many websites (such as YouTube), you do not need to upload your videos to us. Before anyone sees your video, you can copy-protect it and only then expose it to the world. This way, you are assured that your video will always be watched by paying customers.
11. Free!
Yes, Free! The software is free to you as a content-owner - use it to copy-protect your video before it leaves the editing studio. We collect a transaction fee only when there is a payment and a user watches your video. This means we make money only when you do! So, we do everything in our power to ensure that your video succeeds.
12. Publish to our portal or any portal
You can publish your content and its details to our portal where you are guaranteed thousands of hits automatically. You can also publish it to other portals including your own!
13. Easy Pricing Rules
You can easily create a custom pricing matrix for your video. One-click input allows you to create 3-Day rentals, 30-day rentals, purchase options and so on. Still need a different rule? Just fill out three inputs and click to save a custom rule. Each of these price rules can be global, or you can assign them to a geography.
14. Encourages intermediaries to distribute
Allows intermediaries to add a commission and make money from distributing your video. This incentivizes them to publicize and market your video.
15. Keywords make your video easy to find
Attach keywords to your file and our search algorithms will find it when similar keywords appear in the profiles of your users. It's like having a search engine working to connect you with people who might like your content.
16. No Upfront Expenses!
Not only is the software free, you don't need to setup expensive streaming servers (or even FTP servers) to distribute your content. You don't need to contract wallet-swallowing Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). Once you have encrypted you can distribute through torrents or any file sharing sites
17. Multiple modes of payment
To make it attractive and easy for viewers to watch your video, we provide multiple forms of payment (based on options available in their geographic location). Some of the options available are Credit Cards, PayPal, Online Banking, Pre-Paid "L3 Wallet", Subscriptions (read more below) and best of all Free-with-Ads (again, read more below).
18. Subscriptions
Any video content owner can create a subscription and charge users a recurring amount for a basket of videos. In fact, even a third-party can create subscriptions, thus creating more opportunities for your video to be viewed - of course you always get paid the price you have set.
19. Free-with-Ads
If users do not want to pay, they can choose the free-with-ads option. Ads are played within the content presentation, just like on TV. And of course the advertisers pay for the ads, so you , the content-owner always gets paid.
20. Slicing
You can slice a video into sections - this allows for a host of features such as the ability to introduce advertisements between the slices - an easy and painless way for users to pay for your video.
21. Scene Skipping
Each scene in your video can be rated on a scale of 1 to 100 on scales such as Sex and Violence (other scales such as Complexity for eLearning coming soon). When users watch your content, if their Sex and Violence preference is lower than that of a specific scene, that scene will be skipped! This will hugely increase viewership because viewers will feel safe about not having to watch objectionable content.
22. Subtitles are text based – video editing required!
Adding subtitles is a snap! Each section or slice as described above can be associated with annotations which appear as subtitles or explanatory notes. Simple.
23. Multiple Subtitles in one file saves time & money
Like the DVD format we allow multiple sub-titles in a single file. This reduces the number of video edits to just one! Other online digital formats force you to do a complete video post of reach set of subtitles. It also reduces your filesize and makes the video more viral (people don’t have to worry about which language they are downloading).
24. Content Information
Each video carries Title, Description, Keywords and more with it, thus making it easier for potential viewers to choose your video.
25. No need to find distributors in every area
It could take years to find distributors in every country or market. Instead, through L3 you control which geographies your videos are shown in (and how they priced – see above). You can cover all continents and every country without having to speak to dozens of distributors from all over. No need to turn your video over to someone who you have never met - will they abide by the terms of your contracts?
26. Block any country or market
If you have sold exclusive rights in a particular market, you can block users from playing L3 files in that market/geography. This is as fine grained as Postal Code although most people market by country. And you can change this at any time as rights are sold or expire!