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Package your video for distribution

If you want to distribute your video world-wide, or even to a limited audience, you can use L3 Producer to package and ready your video so it can be virally distributed wherever you want it to go. The platform supports most formats and practically any resolution. And all this is available on multiple platforms including phones, tablets, PCs and soon - on standard TVs as well.

Packaging your video can be completed in minutes if you supply just the required information. A Title, description, a single view price and an ID obtained automatically from our server - that's the minimum. Of course, you can define complex pricing rules, keywords, descriptions, subtitles and ad placement information etc., if you choose to do so. Read more about the benefits of distribution through the L3 Platform.

L3 Business & Technology Model

The copy protection is "practically unbreakable". Most encryption schemes can be cracked and once cracked all content protected by that scheme is vulnerable. In L3, a different and randomly selected scheme selected from millions of combinations is used for each item of content. Plus, this copy-protection scheme keeps changing during the life of the file. Thus "cracking" or "hacking" becomes impractical because a "hacker" needs to start from scratch each time.

The above multi-wrapper DRM concept also encourages more Peer-2-Peer distribution - imagine a legal version of Napster or Kazaa (peer-to-peer file sharing systems), where the content owner always gets paid, but the person distributing also makes money (so the incentive to distribute is high). Video is "sliced" into sections - commercials are dynamically and locally inserted to customize the user experience, not "baked in" when the content is released.