Download MoviesBenefits of using the Wizo Player

Get high quality contentplus

You are guaranteed to get high-quality content because we monitor the quality and when you receive the content from your friends and others in yuor social network, you are assured of it's quality.

Multiple ways to pay for content plus Free-with-adsplus

There are many ways you can pay for the content - PayPal, Credit Cards, Pre-paid accounts, and so on. Further, you can always watch free with ads if ads are available and you don't want to pay. Plus, we are adding new options to our payemnt systemts all the time.

Watch content that you likeplus

The L3 platform creates content that is truly on demand and so you can watch what you like, when you want it. You do not have to rely on the schedule set by streaming providers or TV networks.

Guilt-Free & Legal Sharing of Videoplus

Share videos with everyone and anyone! In fact we encourage you to share! Since the files can only be player after payment or login, we do not place any obstacles in the way of distribution. You can upload to sharing sites, give it to your friends on pen drives, torrent restrictions. whatsover. And it is completely legal!

Get/Send Video Recommendàtions to/from friendsplus

Our platform allows, even encourages, sharing. So we allow people to recommend and pass on files to each other. This includes the ability to post on Social Networks as well directly through our platform.