Targeted advertisingA Game Changer for our Advertising partners

The L3 Platform promises to change the game for advertisers by allowing you to maximize every dollar/rupee/baht etc. spend. Micro-targeting, geography based pricing for your ads and much, much more... Read on below

You can target display of your ads by geography. This can be based on country or even as granularly as postal codes. In addition, you can specify different pricing for your ads in different geographies. So, an ad can cost you $1 in New York City and $0.50 in Kansas, plus $0.20 (Rs. 10) in Mumbai, India. You decide what you are willing to pay!

Ads can also be targeted by user profiles. Users can enter preferences and keywords of interest into their profiles. These are matched with keywords that you supply. As an example, if a user has entered "Tahiti" as one of the keywords, a travel company ad is likely to be played for them.

Ad prices can be changed dynamically and remotely. Thus, you can raise or reduce the cost of an ad to you even after it has been distributed world-wide.

You can aggregate world-wide audiences for a product or service, thus finally fulfilling the promise of "long-tail advertising".