Download MoviesFrequently Asked Questions about the L3 Producer

What do I have to pay to use your software or platform?

The software is free! Yes, we charge nothing for using the software or the web-based reporting and management system. We simply charge the user a fee so that money collected from the user is split into two parts. The first part is the price you have decided you want for your video and you get all of it. We keep only the user fee.

You are advocating copying and distributing of my content. It makes me nervous. Will I make any money with L3?plus

We have created a unique model of distribution that reflects the reality of how people obtain and use content. Yet, we ensure that you, as the owner of the content always get paid. Today, content is rapidly distributed through torrents, file sharing sites and the like. And this sharing of content happens between friends and acquaintances through social and other networks. If your content is not easily distributable it will lose this race! At the same time, because it is strongly copy-protected you never lose any income from viewing.

I have already sold rights to my content in some of the geographies. Does it mean that I can’t use your solution for this project?

One of the best features of the L3 platform is that allows you to charge any price in any geography. Extending this a little further, this means that you can charge an invalid price in any geography - effectively blocking that geography. This can be as granular as a postal code. So, it is easy to block geographies where there may be conflicts with rights that have already been assigned.

What happens if I see that my video is not moving in some market? Do I have any levers that I can play with dynamically?plus

At the time of packaging your video, you can specify that a price can be read from a website or other online resource. When our player sees this "pointer" it looks it up and determines the pricing from that resource. Simply put, you can change the price at any time for any geography, even after the content has been packaged and distributed.

I am not planning to have my movie priced by country. Possible to have a common price for everyone?plus

Absolutely! Under pricing, simply enter a Global Price and you are ready to go.