Download MoviesFrequently Asked Questions about the Player

I have a movie that my friend has given me.  How do I watch it?

Simple! :-) Download the player and install it. Start the player and use File->Open in the menu to open the movie that your friend has given you. Or, if you wait a few minutes, the movies on your computer or device will automatically start to appear in the content section.

I have just finished watching a L3 movie.  How do I recommend it to my friends?plus

Go to Tools->Recommend. You will have a choice of sending an email or posting it to Facebook.

I don’t have a high speed connection at home. How do I watch a movie that I see on your iCinema site?

There are several ways to get an L3 movie. You can download it to your computer even with a slow connection. Or you can ask a friend to download it for you (downloading is free) and then give it to you on a pen-drive/usb drive/CD/DVD or transfer it over Bluetooth or any other local network. Once the file is on your device, playing locally will give you a seamless and pleasurable viewing experience.

I have downloaded the Wizo Player. How will I know when a new version is released?plus

Whenever you open your Player it checks if an update is available. If it is, a message pops up, asking if you want to update your software. We strongly recommend that you update your player with the latest version. In some rare cases where there is a security risk, we may update the Player without asking. Most such updates will be very tiny and there will be no invasion of your privacy.

Do I need to download the Wizo player everytime I want to watch a L3 movie?plus

No! Just once for any one device. And, as described above, the software will check for and remind you to update it whenever a new version is available.