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What people are saying about L3

... felt that subject to the technology proving that It could do as It claimed: this technology could be revolutionary to the video content Industry and would have enormous market potential. RC, Founder and Owner Organization Core Media Enterprises (Film maker)

Overall opinion was that the technology addressed a pain point for the independent film industry. The issues of piracy and monetization for independent film producers are very real. [He] feels the pain effects himself In that the struggles of independent film producers to monetize on their projects which in turn leads to easier funding for future film projects brings about fewer projects which come his way for visual effects assistance. He would be thrilled to see better monetization opportunities for the film makers. LW, Visual FX Supervisor

...felt that this technology offered a package of benefits that seemed to him to be unique. The capability of monetizing and protecting from piracy was something he felt was needed. DV, Partner – Online Entertainment Company

In his experience with the industry, he had not seen any coding solution that offered both reasonable content protection and a way to monetize quite like this technology claims to be able to provide. It seemed like an innovative approach to him.
GM, Independent Film Producer and Director

Mr. Cone felt that the technology had the potential to be a commercial success. He wasn’t aware of a present solution that could protect like this technology presents itself to do. The problem this technology addresses is very real and is considered to be a major issue.
RC, Information Security Officer – [State] Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services