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or How to get the most from the L3 Producer

Download the L3 Producer and copy-protect your content right away! Before any pirates get their hands on it! Then add intelligence to the file using the easy interface that let's specify a title, description, pricing (simple as well as complex versions available). Here is a step-by-step description of what you need to do:

Before you use L3 Producer

  • The first step to get on the L3 platform is to create an account (free). To do this, please go to our website and on the top right, under Login/Register, choose "Content-Owner" and on the next screen click the "Register Here" link. Or, click here.
  • Next, you must download and install the software. Below is a link you can use, or you can go to our site, click on Download and then the first item in the menu which is "Download :3 Producer"
    Download Page:
    Download Link:
  • When you start the software, you may see a popup that asks if you want to update the software. We highly recommend that you do so, so you will have the most current software with the latest features.

Using L3 Producer

  1. To use L3 Producer to package and encrypt your file, ensure that you are connected to the Internet. Then, double click on the icon to start the program. You should see the following screen.

    Login using the account information you supplied when you created the account and make sure you check the box to agree to the terms and conditions (you can read these by clicking on the link).
  2. Once you successfully login, you will see the following screen:

    The Title is required – here you should put the name of the content. The description is not required, but highly recommended - this is what will persuade people to buy the content.
  3. On top is the General Menu which takes you to the individual sections. You are currently in the "Meta Info" section, whose button appears in a slightly darker shade. On the left is the local menu which navigates between the sub-sections of Meta Info. Next, press Content on the side menu.
  4. The following menu is very simple – it allows you to pick your video file from your local computer. Once you pick it, the player is enabled and you can play the file to make sure you chose the right one.

  5. Next, pick the "Content Information" tab on the side menu. This screen is completely optional, but we strongly recommend that you change at least – Sex, Violence, Expiration Date and Primary Language. Keywords also help in matching the file to appropriate viewers and for inserting ads.

  6. You are now done with the Meta Info section. Click Next (top right) or click the Price Info section above to go there. The progress bar under the Meta Info will turn green if you have provided at least the minimum information.
  7. Under Price Info, you should see the following:

    The simplest option here is to enter a price in the Global Price box, and ensure that the "Enable Remote Pricing" option is checked before moving to the next screen. If that is enough for you, skip to item#
  8. If you choose the "Custom Price" option, you will automatically be taken to the Pricing Matrix (the next sub-menu) which looks like this:

    In this screen I have entered a price for a 3-day rental and for a Purchase (unlimited views for unlimited days). These are standard rules that are predefined for you. All you do is enter a price in the corresponding box and then click the button next to it. The rules you create appear in the Pricing Matrix. If you want something that is not in these set of choices, go to the next sub-menu by picking "Business Rule" on the side menu.

    Here you can create a new business rule by giving it a name and specifying the number of plays and number of days. The format should generally be "AND" – this will ensure that both specified conditions must be true for the file to play. "OR" is used to limit just one condition, number of plays or number of days.
  9. Next you can choose the GeoCodes sub-menu if you want to price by Geography or block one or more geographies. Below you can see two examples – the first sets a different price for two countries (US and UK). The second sets a specific price for a set of postal codes (all codes in the US beginning with 532 – in and around Milwaukee, Wisconsin). Naturally the Postal code is disabled if you choose more than one country.

  10. You can now move to the Slice Info screen. This screen is completely optional and requires careful planning. It is highly recommended that you read a separate document "Effective use of Slices".

  11. If you are not sure what to do, skip this screen and move to the "Convert to L3" menu by clicking the button above. This takes you to the final required step (the Deploy step is optional, but recommended). If you have completed the required steps and the four minimum items of information have been recorded by the software you should see a screen that looks like this:

    If information is missing, you may see some red warning bars as shown in the below graphic. Press the button corresponding to the information needed to correct the problem.

  12. When you press Convert, you will see the progress bar…

    And when the content is successfully converted and published the screen shows:

  13. You can now move to the final screen which will help you deploy your content so that it can be widely distributed.

  14. That's it! You can now create a new item of content. However, we recommend that you log out so that information is not incorrectly duplicated.