Turn Videos into profitsWelcome to Layer3Media

Make Video? Now Make Money!

You know how to make video. We know how to distribute and monetize video. We can show you how you can virally distribute your video world-wide, or to only those areas where you have the rights. And, how all this lets you make more money from your video...

We have been in the video distribution business since 1997, when we launched the first online movies website (See our partner sites) We excel at streaming video as well as download-and-play video. Our company has two patents in the area of video distribution and copy protection with more pending. We have won several innovation competitions and have been validated by people in the industry.

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Legal File sharingHow to use the L3 Platform

Content Viewers

Looking for great content to watch? We help mainstream as well as hard-to-find video find their way to you easily!

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Content Owner

Do you want the world to see your content? And not give up your rights? Try the self-managed, no-risk method of distribution!

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